Koordynator-BHP | E-Learning

A fresh e-learning platform for BHP

We were ecstatic when Koordynator-BHP, a Polish health and safety consulting company, came to us to develop an e-learning platform to sell health and safety certificates online.

Two applications

To make managing certificates much easier for companies, we built two different applications. One for companies and another one for their employees. Companies can buy courses in the webshop and send them off to their employees. The employees can then take the course and receive the certificate. This makes managing the certificates much easier for the clients of Koordynator-BHP and gives an incentive to companies to become their customer.

The marketing site

To use the application, you need to make an account. To attract people to the application and convince companies to make an account we made a marketing site for Koordynator-BHP

Because of the centralised data storage we also were able to show course information on the marketing website which makes it much easier for users to find information about courses without first having to make an account.